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#13916 - 01/25/99 08:02 PM e-synth vs. ex5
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I would appreciate an objective opinion of how the e-synth and Yamaha ex5 compare. I am aware of the "bug" list for the Yamaha, but would appreciate comments regarding the e-synth and sample times, the sequencer, timing, quality when polyphony is taxed, quality of voices etc. I know I need to check this out for myself, but it will be quite a while before I get the chance to sit down for a while in a music store and put one through the paces. Thanks in advance for all responses!

#13917 - 02/01/99 02:29 AM Re: e-synth vs. ex5
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I have always loved Yamaha gear. I find their user interface intuitive and easy to work with. I have a Yamaha SY99 and love it. I actually added an E4x sampler to my rig. If I didn't have the SY, I may have spun for the EX5. If I only had a controller keyboard or other synth (ie SY77 or Kord O1/w) I may have just added the Ex5R.

But my needs were truly sample based. In which case you should definitely go with EMU. But if your needs are more diverse and you want a pallet of synthesis, then go for the Yamaha EX5. Easier to use, maybe that's just because I'm used to Yamaha logic.


#13918 - 02/20/99 12:05 PM Re: e-synth vs. ex5

Hi, can anybody tell me something about the Akai Import of ESynth, are the programmparameters properly converted, or do you have to do lots of editing, to get the real sampleprogramm sound? Compared to this, whats about the handling of EX5 with Akai Cds, are programms or only the sinle samples imported. Thanks


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