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#13885 - 08/26/00 03:56 PM Can EMU Samplers export/saves to WAV?
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I am about to buy an EMU e-synth/6400 ultra and I have done all the research like downloadind the manuals and reading through them, but I still don't know if they can export/save files as .wav's! And another thing, I was told that the Emu sound library is unmatched as far as quantity is concerned.
Any response would be greatly appreciated.


#13886 - 08/27/00 08:22 AM Re: Can EMU Samplers export/saves to WAV?
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Hi Larry,

I believe that they can but you'd need to check the manual. I've never needed to do this with my E-5000 Ultra so I'm not completely sure. My manual is on PDF and I don't currently have a PDF viewer installed. There is an Export command. That is probably what you would want to search for.

In regards to the comment of the E-mu library being unmatched in quantity, that is not true. The Akai library is probably the largest around. However, the E-mu reads Akai CD Roms so that may be why whoever told you this thought that. The E-mu samplers are great though. I'm enjoying my E-5000 Ultra a lot.


#13887 - 09/06/00 05:10 AM Re: Can EMU Samplers export/saves to WAV?
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The Ultra models (and any version running EOS 4.x I believe) can load and save wav files to and from a DOS formatted floppy disk. I have never tried this with a DOS formatted Syquest or zip disk though this may well work too.

A floppy disk limits you to 1.4 Mb.

You can, of course, transfer wav files of any size (up to the RAM maximum) to and from the sampler over SCSI. A much better solution but a whole different set of hurdles.

In terms of sound libraires I would have to disagree on the size issue. Emu were in the sampler business some time before Akai and my understading is that they have the biggest sample library there is (also worth remembering that this library also includes every sound released in every EMU PCM synth).

However, the units certainly will load Akai disks so the debate is not that relevent.

As to the quality. Well thats always subjective. I have a whole bunch of EMU CD_ROMs that came with my Ultra and several more I bought for my ESI032 (orbit, planet phat etc.). These are all high quality but I make trance/techno and sample quality is not important.

Most great sounds involve the use of effects as well as the raw sound. None of the banks UI have loaded into the Ultra use effects and you have to apply them yourself (which is fine by me). It would be unfair to compare these raw sounds to the processed sounds you get out of something like the JV2080.




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