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#13848 - 05/08/00 06:11 AM Burning my .wav-Samples to an Emu-CD???

Is there a way to burn all my .wav-Samples on a Cd,so my Emu can read them?
I hate to be the floppy dj all the time.
Has anyone here had the same problem?

#13849 - 08/03/00 09:58 AM Re: Burning my .wav-Samples to an Emu-CD???
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You can burn your own e-mu format cds. Here's how. You'll need some kind of removable storage and a Mac with Toast. I don't know if you can do it on PC though I don't see why not. I use Jaz drives. Format a disk on your e-mu and save your samples to it. connect the drive to your Mac but don't put the disk in yet. Start "Toast" and then put in the disk. (This should stop the Mac ejecting the disk as "unrecognisable".)Select "SCSI copy" in toast (disk copy in v4.1)and select your removable drive then just write the CD.


#13850 - 08/08/00 06:21 AM Re: Burning my .wav-Samples to an Emu-CD???
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Yes it can be done on the PC in a similar way.

Tell me, how do you avoid problems with the Jaz drive being greater than 650Mb (800Mb)? I get around the problem by using 650Mb SCSI hard drives. Do you just make sure the Jaz drive is not to full?


#13851 - 08/09/00 12:20 AM Re: Burning my .wav-Samples to an Emu-CD???
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Nice tips you pioneers you.


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