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#138418 - 02/17/01 09:07 AM info on new kn6500
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I know the technics kn6500 will come out this month and there is much discussion about it on the internet....but official info there is not available.
Is this topsecret or what's happening ?
I know the kn6500 is a kn6000 with some new features but that' s all.

I hope the mistery will be solved soon.

#138419 - 02/17/01 11:36 AM Re: info on new kn6500
Jupiter5 Offline

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A few specs here Alain.

Let me tell you that the extra Soloist sounds have to heard! - they really are SOOOOOPER!!

Technics SX KN 6500 keyboard added 60 new sounds, including 15 new soloist sounds, and 20 new rhythms with 80 new rhythm variations for numerous musical combinations. The keys and cabinet have been updated with a platinum finish.
Dynamic PCM preset sounds run the gamut of keyboard, string, wind, brass and percussion instruments, many with multiple variations, all sampled from live performances to ensure authentic sound. The keyboard features several string samples including concert strings, which deliver a heavier vibrato effect for classical musical pieces. The instrument also has 33 drum kits.
Included in the new SX-KN6500 are a powerful sound engine and PCM Sound Source with a repertoire of over 1,000 instrument settings, which replicate the instruments after which they are modeled. There's a "Soloist" setting that expresses the fine details and nuances of the individual musical instruments.
Like the KN6000 the 6500 also puts vocal features at the artist's disposal. For example, the Brass Simulator makes the human voice sound like a lead trumpet and a built-in Vocal Harmonizer is also included.

The keyboard offers over 800 rhythm variations to complement almost any musical style. Additionally, intros, endings, and fill-in variations can give any piece a professional polish.
Aside from offering a palette of 1065 Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) preset sounds, the SX-KN6500 gives users ability to manipulate sounds with a Time Variant Filter and numerous other sound editing sound parameters. There's also a 16-track, 40,000-note sequencer.
The SX-KN6500 also offers the added versatility of manual sequence pads. With 114 patterns, users can take advantage of musical phrases and sound effects from a trumpet fanfare to a drum roll to applause complementing the musical performance. Customized patterns can be created and recorded.
The new Technics keyboard is backed by 66 watts of power. A 30-watt subwoofer results in strong bass tones, the tweeters ar newly redirected.The SX-KN6500's 61-note keyboard boasts a maximum of 64-note polyphony and provides Initial Touch and After Touch. The keyboard's NX Sound format ensures compatibility with previous Technics products, GM, GM2, and most other industry software. Other features include enhanced DSP Effects, such as Chorus and Reverb, which can be applied separately to Right 1, Right 2, Left and APC parts, or globally to all the parts being played.
Global and separate equalization can be used for creating studio-like re-mixes, while a Real-Time Sound Controller lets the musician modify sound filters, panning and other effects while performing.
The KN6500 features a large, wide-screen full-color LCD, which shows information such as instrument groups, sound parameters, and drawbars on one page. The musician can designate up to four "Favorites" pages, with preferred sounds, rhythms, styles and menu shortcuts for future recall.

A Pic of the new KN6500

Note the new silver coroured pads on the improved model. The Piano's are even better as reported on Technote forum, and there are even more Rhythms too! - with two slots free to expand - the "expanded" kn6500 (it now has 48 MB Wave ROM

Althou the specs sound similar to the kn6000 - extra sounds apart, the actual speaker system has been improved, and the EQ makes the kn6500 sound better than ever.




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