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#13822 - 06/24/99 02:04 PM proteus 2000

I have an E-synth which I'm happy with, and am considering a further sound module. Any one know if there's a significant overlap in the style & content of sounds between the Esynth and the Proteus 2000. I'd favour the Proteus more if I thought it would complement the E-synth rather than duplicate it.
All opinions on proteus/roland sound modules welcome.

#13823 - 07/06/99 11:34 PM Re: proteus 2000

I responded to a question if a person should buy the 2000 or the JV series. I explained it depends on what sounds best to you. Otherwise, the best advice is: Get a second synth from a different manufacturer. Most synth companies use the same sound engine in their line, or they incorporate the same preset sounds in their models. Also, the various manufacturers use different recording resolutions for their sampled sounds. My suggestion is to get a module that has near CD recording and audio output of the sampled sounds. This is tricky because some manufacturers do not publish what the sampled rate is. Emu does not publish the recorded sample rate of it's sounds, but the audio playback is published at 44.1k. A Roland tech said most of sounds in the newer JV series and the SC-880 are recorded at a rate of 44.1 16 to 18 bit and a playback rate of 44.1K. You can hear the difference on a quality playback system. Kawai has been using CD quality samples and playback for awhile. So have the higher end Yamahas and of course Kurzweil.

#13824 - 07/14/99 07:38 AM Re: proteus 2000
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One interesting feature of the E-Synth Proteus 2000 combination is the ability to install sound ROMs created in the E-Synth in the Proteus for play back. This would enable any sounds from the E-Synth to be used on the Proteus and I am sure you can see the possibilities.

However, the cost of the ROM authoring kit for the E-Synth (E4) is so high I wonder if anyone has ever bought one.



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