I am just beginning a trek toward DAW and hope to get help with an E-Mu ESI 32. I inherited the device from a very generous nephew--I have the manual but I'm afraid it's not sufficiently ABC for my slow wits. I am currently having the local computer shop debugging the SCSI connection to a SCSI Zip. I have also added a SCSI ultra wide drive to my computer(loads of RAM and harddrive). To the extent that I understand waht I need: I read that should be able to buy CDs with sounds and load them into the sampler. If that is the way to go then I'll need straight forward how-to's--evageical or a good referance.

The current plan for hookup is: controller to Cakewalk in CP to ESI 32 to audio system; with SCSI Zip hooked to sampler. Alternatives welcomed.

TIA for any attention.

Bob Haymond
Bob Haymond