I've got an esi 32 and love it. But I need more than 32 megs of ram. So I was going to upgrade to a esi 4000. I currently have a turbo card in my esi, and was planning to put it in the 4000 then sell off the 32. But then there's the 2000 which is considerably cheaper with the same ram and polyphony. So whats the difference between the two other than:
1. The esi 2000 comes with the additional filters from the turbo card standard
2. The esi 2000 can't hold an additional internal hardrive.
Does the fact that it has the filters from the turbo card mean there could be problems putting my esi 32's card into the 2000? Surely not. And why is anyone buying a 4000, besides the fact that the 2000 has a hideous color scheme!? Any help would be appreciated. I basically want all of the functionality of my turbo esi 32 in with 100+ megs of ram.
Jason Johnson