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#13647 - 02/03/01 01:32 PM Emu E5000 SCSI trouble.....

I have just purchased an e5000 and have beefed it up to 128Mb RAM. I also purchased a SCSI port for my PC so i can connect my sampler to my computer. My computer is detecting an unknown device and is wanting drivers for the sampler. The sampler is not detecting the computer and is just happy sounding like a stereo piano.

I want to load samples to my sampler from my cd rom drive in the pc... is that possible or do i need a special SCSI cdrom drive??
Also data storage... do i need a dedicated SCSI hard drive???

I paid a million dollars for this machine, but it is seeming like it's going to cost me 2 million to get it working fine. Can someone please suggest cheap remedies?!? thanks.

#13648 - 02/05/01 10:39 AM Re: Emu E5000 SCSI trouble.....
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I believe that you simply need to keep hitting cancel (cancel or OK - I can't remember which one) when your computer comes up with that message. You may need to click the button 7 or 8 times before the message goes away. I think that it goes away forever after that and you should be able to access a SCSI CD Rom on your PC after that.

It is possible to load samples from your PC's CD Rom drive as long as it is SCSI. If you have a IDE CD Rom drive (which is what most pc's come with standard), then you will not be able to.

If you paid a million dollars for this machine, then you paid way too much ;-). Seriously, the E-5000 Ultra is very cheap when you compare it to an E-4XT or an E-4 Platinum. By adding all of the options, you come very close to the exact same spec as a E4XT. The only thing you miss out on is having 4 less outputs and 64 voice maximum polyphony.

Besides, you can pick up a cheap external SCSI CD Rom quite easily on E-Bay. A brand new one should cost no more than $100. I bought an internal SCSI CD Rom drive along with a external case for it for roughly about $100 a while back.

For data storage, you'll definitely want a dedicated SCSI hard drive. You cannot share a PC's hard drive for E-mu EOS-format data. You should research different storage solutions. You can get Zip, Jaz, Orb, Magneto-Optical, a standard SCSI hard drive, or even a IDE hard drive.

What I would recommend is buying the IDE hard disk kit for the E-5000 along with a IDE hard drive. IDE hard drives are going quite cheap for lots of storage nowadays. That is what I did. As money permits, in the future, you may want to buy a external removable SCSI hard drive like a Orb or Jaz for backups of your data. You will not be able to directly back up your internal IDE hard drive using your PC.


#13649 - 02/05/01 12:35 PM Re: Emu E5000 SCSI trouble.....
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Getting scsi to work right on my system was a nightmare.

I have an Adaptec 2940 card.

To get it to work, I did NOT use the external connection on the card. Rather, I used a bridge connection from the scsi cable to a separate slot opening on the back of the pc.

Why did I do that? Because I fiddled around and found that if I opened the Emu and the pc up. And used an internal scsi cable from the card to the motherboard of the sampler - it worked. Otherwise it was a no-go.

So I bought the bridge and it worked just fine.

Also. Don't use the EOSLink software if you are going to transfer samples (or copy an entire CD) across the SCSI bus. And don't beat munge. You will lock up the computer and the sampler. Bummer.

Good luck.

One last tip. Buy everything at a local computer store, then you can buy the parts you _think_ you'll need, and quickly return them if they don't work.


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