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#13616 - 04/25/00 12:24 PM sampler?
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I'm looking for a sampler, where i can edit wave forms with.(not in numbers, but with graffix)
I also want a sampler what has got good sequencing options.
(i don't whant to stear at a monitor, i want to produce with gear)

First I was thinking of a Akai MPC 2000XL, but I think it's too expensive for his possibilities.(only 2MB and 2 outs)

I also was intereset in the EMU esi 4000, but i understand you can't edit grafix wave forms whit this machine, and no seqencer.

Then there is the EMU 5000 and 6400.
I like the specs of machines, but is usefull for live gigs and seqencing/producing.

So, must i buy a MPC 2000, linking the esi 4000 up to a seqencer, or the EMU 5000/6400.
I new in music producing, but whant too invest in good gear.

#13617 - 05/01/00 05:24 PM Re: sampler?
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The E 5000 has it all . For instance sampling has never been so easy.
The E 5000 has a large screen, where you can edit loops in a short time . My friend (who works with AKAI) once tried it for an hour as he went to the shop buying one ...
The Emu lets you determine the tempo and control of any sample that has a steady beat (not only drum, guitarlicks etc...)
I once had to resample a loop (it took me about 20 seconds) from 127.3 BPM to 130 BPM.
The Emu can load sounds very quickly, (from an internal harddisk). If you load from ZIP drive it takes you 1 MB / 1 sec.
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#13618 - 05/01/00 08:48 PM Re: sampler?
buinu Offline

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Before you decide on any E-mu or Akai, I strongly urge you to take a hard, close look at Kurzweil, especially the K25. Granted, it may cost a bit but it won't leave you longing for any other synth, sampler or VA. They are that powerful and also have a graphic display of the wave, which makes it easier to find the loop point.

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#13619 - 05/02/00 09:27 AM Re: sampler?
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Want a very cost effective synth/sampler with no improvements considering RAM, note polyphony since 1996 ?

Buy a K 2500 or 2600.

Sincerely, you'd better look at Emu 5000
or Yamaha A5000
(Akai S6000 buggs, even the new OS 1.30)

Kurzweil should wake up and and propose a sort of K3000 : 128 voices polyphony, ...

#13620 - 05/13/00 08:14 AM Re: sampler?
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I will admit, the Kurzweils are great peices of equipment, I own one... But its sampling and the like can leave one asking for more... that is why I bought my E6400 Ultra... As a sampler, both it and the A5000 blow the Kurzweil away... I think both the Kurz and the E-mu have their purposes, and having both is great, but as far as samplers go, I would rather have a more powerful dedicated unit...


#13621 - 05/22/00 09:59 AM Re: sampler?
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Thank you all for the tips !.
But i founded a akai MPC 2000 XL for the half of the new price, and taked thise baby home.
It's a good machine for that price, I think if i didn't find this machine, i woud go for the EMU 5000.
It's great for live feel producing.
It has a bit limitations, so maybe i buy a EMU 5000 later.

Thank you again !


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