Hello !

I got some deep questions about the Emualtor III.
I also offer some anwers
(Firmware V.2 + Sys 2.4)

I need to transfer STEREO Samples via MIDI/SCSI
from a Power Macintosh.

-Does the
Software is usable ? What is
it actually ? Where to get it ?
-Anybody using Alchemy on
the Mac via SCSI ?
-Does the EIII reads AKAI
CD-ROM Sounds ?

What is the latest Software for the EIII and where can i
might get an update ?
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(Firmware V.2 + Sys2.4)

-The SampleDumpTransfer
via Alchemy is for Mono
files only. (in common)

-EIII got lots of memory "panels" on the RAM board
but realy only takes 8 MB. (standart PC memory)

-To upgrade for a better Harddrive just unplug the internal Harddisk from
Power and SCSI. >>>STOP
You have to terminate the external SCSI bus to make
the EIII bootable again.

-The Apple external CD300 won't work with the EIII.

For any further information contact me via e-mail on
> setso@hotmail.com <