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#1352 - 02/28/02 12:22 PM Re: Difficult Situation
tony mads usa Offline
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.. epu .... right or wrong, that damned piece of paper is SO important .... I never completed my ed, and have paid for it over the years ... even 30+ years in my "chosen" field (not my first love, music) doesn't override the lack of a degree ... as stupid as that may be .. don't get me wrong .... I'm not complaining (totally).. I've had a modicum of success, a good paying job, but certain levels just were not available because I don't have the paper ... as for the music, the dream lives on .... I still intend to be the first 60 + year old to have a top 10 hit with his first recording!!!
stick with it .... get the ed, and then pursue your dreams ..... it's never too late .....
PS to uncle dave ... to paraphrase: 'those that can, do ... those who can do no longer, teach others to do ... you've always got a way to use and share your talents.....
t. cool

#1353 - 02/28/02 04:34 PM Re: Difficult Situation
rattley Offline

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" Only you, my young Luke can control your own destiny......................"

Good luck. Your hard work and perseverance will pay off in the long run of life.

#1354 - 02/28/02 04:43 PM Re: Difficult Situation
MRT1212 Offline

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im in the same spot as EPU...kinda sorta...

i know that ill probably never be a succesful musician or producer and that doesnt really bother me...but what does bother me is i have the worst time managment skills in the world and ill spend 24 hours(literally) working on music, and feel like i really accomplished something, then ill miss class cause im so tired and i wont study.

thank god im only 18 and im gonna be getting my AA in a year and a half...then go to culinary school (my other passion)...

but at least i dont have the $2000 debt although im about to get overdrawn on ym bank account and i need to find a part time job...eek
never sell out,
buy in
gone out back to shoot myself in the head on the advice of one cloakboy

#1355 - 02/28/02 05:30 PM Re: Difficult Situation
sk880user Offline

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Hello to you. I believe you have said it right in your first post about priorities. So you know exactly what is the problem and what is the solution. All you need is emotional confirmation from us and this is exactly what I would like to offer now.

Whatever path you choose, you must keep open door for everything. That means, you must, must must FINISH SCHOOL. That must take the priority over everything else without ignoring your family. If you can do it in one semester, that is the best way and that should be the plan. However, if you cannot, that is fine... do it in two. If circumstances beyond your control forced you to do it in three, embrace Nike's moto: "just do it."

After school is done, you can make your choices and select your investments. But if you dropped school now, you will have lost a door in your life that is very important. Postponing your aspirations one or two semesters does not hurt at all.

Finally, it is important to pray and to seek guidance from God. As a christian myself, I see the Lord Jesus guiding me in very clear and astonishing way. The more I pray, the more his plan for my life is clear. Whatever plan you select, my prayers with you.

#1356 - 02/28/02 05:58 PM Re: Difficult Situation
epu Offline

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Thanks so far again everyone. Sk880 user, I'm trying very hard. Priorities are the issue. MRT1212, I've been doing the same thing. I have about 1200 tracks down and completely finished. I used to do the samething. I'd go into my studio to record song after song and sometimes would end up missing class becuase I wanted to be by the keyboard, in the studio or would just be tired.

I'm a very smart guy (graduated high school a year early), but that did affect my grades. I really want to leave work so bad right now so I could just concentrate on my studies. I can't survive with the credit card debt on my hands.

Like D-Train would say, "Gotta keep on pressing on".

I'm praying hard. As a return for all the blessings, I pray for all of you too - Humanity should also be included.

The Infamous Epu.

#1357 - 02/28/02 06:18 PM Re: Difficult Situation
Equalizer Offline

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Just a quick observation...

History has shown us time and time again that music and education ABSOLUTELY compliment each other!

Just think... The Beatles were all at University, Queen were a Uni, The Rolling Stones, Bowie, Kraftwerk.... the list is endless! There are so many examples of extremely sucessful musicians who have gone down this road. Just thought of another... how about Sting? That guy was an English teacher before he became a pop star.

I think we all agree that you should focus your energies on your education at this point.

You know what you've got to do. Do it!

T. Equalizer

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