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#133557 - 02/11/02 01:53 PM "Friction" on PSR-2000 keys
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It seems that one of the keys on my 2000 has developed an occasional "friction" which I feel when pressing down or releasing the key. It's sort of the same feeling that you get when you push a key a bit to the right or left as you press down, like a scrathing feeling. Will this go away? I'm within a 30 day warranty, so I may just return it. Has anybody else experienced this problem on Yamaha keyboards?

#133558 - 02/11/02 03:42 PM Re: "Friction" on PSR-2000 keys
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I had a 2000 and I had a ton of problems to name a few: LED`s that would not turn off, setting that would not be save even though I saw that hourglass icon, buttons that had a very non-tactile feel (some were good some weren`t) and a "hiss" comming from the speakers even though the volume was at min. Do you have these problems or is it just the key?
>please post reply< ty/me

#133559 - 02/11/02 04:59 PM Re: "Friction" on PSR-2000 keys
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Return it ASAP. Most of us PSR2000 owners have had good luck with it. I purchased and own two PSR2000s. One of them had to be returned because of speaker buzz. I've been gigging heavily with one of the PSR2000s for over 3 months without any problems - that's not that long. Let's see if it lasts a year. I have a feeling it won't. We'll see.


#133560 - 02/11/02 06:51 PM Re: "Friction" on PSR-2000 keys
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I gig and play quite a bit on my 2000 too. No related problems so far, though I can see how these problems could develop over extended use/time. As I stated before, I initially purchased the PSR2000 as an interim arragner keyboard till the next generation top of the line models arrive. I was surprised to find myself taking the 2000 out even more than my main axe (KN5000). I"m still enjoying both the KN5000 & PSR2000, though I'm keeping my eyes/ears open for the upcoming KN7000.

- Scott


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