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#132144 - 01/02/02 06:46 PM 9000Pro
harosha Offline

Registered: 01/02/02
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Loc: Chicago, IL, USA
Hello All,

I am new to this forum. I ordered a 9000Pro yesterday, I will probably get it by next week. I currently own a PSR640 and a Roland XP60. 9000pro will be used for live gigs. Anyway, I was searching the net for a SMF to Style converter for Yamaha. I have all my songs that I have recorded using Cakewalk and I would like to create Yamaha styles based on those songs. Let me know if there is a style converter that exists for this unit. The only style converter that I found was for Roland VA series.

Secondly, I am looking for some good style files (free only for now!) I can't afford to pay for them after buying a 9KPro.

Check out my web site and my new CD at

Thanks in advance!

If anyone is interested in buying my PSR640 let me know. It is practically brand new, I still have the original box, manual, disks, Yamaha survival kit which includes sustain pedal, power supply and un-used head phones. All for $500 (US sales only!)

#132145 - 01/02/02 07:20 PM Re: 9000Pro
ChicoBrasil Offline

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Wellcome and congratulatins.
You have now, a great machine that will give you great pleasure.
9000 pro is very very easy to operate,with great voices ,descomplicated and clean styles,good sequencer and vocal harmonizer.
I am sure that you do not need to convert styles from other boards because you have a lot of styles for.
Go to Yahoo! Groups yamaha-psr-styles to free downloads and have fun ( You must try CVP 209 styles).
So, enjoy 9000Pro


#132146 - 01/02/02 07:59 PM Re: 9000Pro
JonPro Offline

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Hi harosha,
Congrats on your purchase. I started with a PSR640 (almost bought an XP60 and then upgraded to a 9000PRO and have never looked back - a great instrument. I agree with everything that ChicoB has said. You will find many, many styles in the Yamaha PSR Styles group. Are your songs in MID format? If so then with a bit of reverse engineering using either the 9000PRO or software such as Cakewalk or XG Works (my preference) then it is possible to build your styles from MID Songs. A style file once the formating is stripped away is a lot less complicated than a MID Song file (my opinion only). Although, I guess if they were "my" songs which I had written, then I would probably opt for recreating them using the style tools at my disposal (9000PRO and software).
You might try putting out a message on the Yamaha PSR Styles group for a collective opinion - there are many eager and capable helpers in the group and you will find youself not lacking in suggestions to solve your problem.
I hope this is of help to you.

#132147 - 01/04/02 08:14 AM Re: 9000Pro
harosha Offline

Registered: 01/02/02
Posts: 193
Loc: Chicago, IL, USA
Thanks guys!

I joined the psr styles group and also downloaded the CVP styles, wow!, they really soud awesome. I will post a message to the psr styles group and get some more input.

Thanks again!


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