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#129254 - 08/20/01 07:29 AM Disappointing Styles
Tom Cavanaugh Offline
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I was sent converted Yamaha 9000 internal styles by a kind hearted person. These styles were converted for the X1. Just to set the record straight I've been less than happy with the X1's swing and big band styles.

I don't know what happened but these Yamaha styles were awful. None of the converted styles compare to the converted Korg and Technics styles that I'm using for BB & swing.

All these Yamaha styles had simplistic usually two bar intros and endings. They contained drums, two beat or a walking bass line(sometimes) and a jazz guitar that strummed on every beat. There were almost NO brass or sax riffs in any of the styles. There were subtle variations between the styles (usually in the bass and drums) but they all sounded the same. There wasn't a swinger in the bunch.

The most dissappointing thing is that I didn't find ANY that I would use in place of the Korg, Technics, and X1 styles that I currently have.

I know that converted styles sometimes lose something in the translation but are the Yammie big band and swing styles really that poor? The Korg and Technics styles converted pretty well. If the Yammie styles sound better on Yamahas how come they don't convert well? I usually have to tweek a part or voice on a converted style but on these there was precious little with which to work.

Anyone have any ideas on this subject?



#129255 - 08/20/01 07:51 AM Re: Disappointing Styles
Dnj Offline
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Yes the Yammy big band styles are pretty simple and Repetitious. On some of the variations you have to go to style edit and rerecord a new bass line to get that smooth walking bass on many of the Var4 styles. I prefer the Korg i30/Pa80 styles for big band which when converted and tweaked sound great. But even with that said when you play them you have to additionally add some great RH layered and harmonized (standard trio) sax sections, and Brass combinations to make these styles give off that "REAL" BB sound.

But.........the Yammy does excell very very well in R&R, Country, Latin, Ballads, Pop where many other unit do not. This is what I was saying last week. Mix and match the styles to Your liking. As long as you enjoy playing and navagating your keyboard the styles from many of the units out there can be converted, edited, and tweaked to achieve some great music.

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#129256 - 08/20/01 12:41 PM Re: Disappointing Styles
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Tom...Yamaha Style Files are in fact Midi Files so the original styles can be viewed and played back in Cakewalk by either changing the style extension from .sty to .mid or you can type in the open bar option of Cakewalk.*.sty and Cakewalk will then load the style.
Once the Sty file is loaded into Cakewalk. all the markers for Intro Var1 Var2 etc etc: can be seen.
The benefit of the styles files being in Midi format is that with most Arranger boards you can load style parts from sequence into style edit......Its easier to do than explain, but the benifit of this is you can listen to the style before deciding that it is worth converting or using.
Unfortunately Yamaha Styles being mostly 2 bar loops they are very repetitive.


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#129257 - 08/20/01 01:21 PM Re: Disappointing Styles
Tom Cavanaugh Offline
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Graham UK,

What you say is true but the styles are Solton styles when I get them. I'll just continue to use all the other good ones that are available to me. I was totally surprised at the poor quality of the psr9000 BB and swing styles. I know that many of the other types of Yamaha styles are good. I liked the 740 and thought it was great value for the money. At times I think that I would like a 9000 for its ease of operation and its vocal processing but after hearing and checking out the converted styles I think not.

I really need to hear the 9000pro in person but the dealer in Grand Rapids Michigan won't stock the high end Yamaha stuff. They stock the high end Technics stuff claiming that the high end Yamaha keyboards don't compare.



#129258 - 08/20/01 07:23 PM Re: Disappointing Styles
dlstarry Offline

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HI: Tom
I think if the truth was knowen the reason
that dealer stocks the high Technics & not
the high end Yamaha is because there is a
larger profit margin in the Technics!
I know the music store close to me used to
sell Yamaha & Technics KB's but they quiet
selling Yamaha because they were not selling
the Technics. Now they only have Casio low
end & all the Technics line & sell a pile of
high end Technics starting with the KN5000-
KN6000-& now KN6500 for $5000.00 each.(big
profit)They still sell Yamaha Piano's but
the prices are compairable to Technics Piano's. I got to know one of the sales
person's quite well & that is what he told
me. I got took buying my first KB the KN5000
from them, I bought a demo for $4200.00
& had trouble with it 3 time's in 4 week's
the last time it had some big problem & they
said it had to go back to the factory so I
talked them into giving me a new even up,
they said as long as I had so much trouble
with the first one they would do it.
(But I still got took) Knowing what I know
Enjoying the 9000 PRO
Denny Starry
KN5000, 9000 Pro
Enjoying The 9000 Pro

#129259 - 08/20/01 08:09 PM Re: Disappointing Styles
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I am sending you some Big Band styles . I believe that they may be different from any you have . If they are duplicates than let me know ! Dan O


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