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#129185 - 12/04/99 09:51 AM Wersi keyboards?
frankieve Offline
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I just cruised the wersi site, and wow, if the keyboard sounds as good as at reads...,
It has a built in CD-rom, Hard drive, internet download, 208 polyphony, touch screen in full color, organ slides(actual) take a look

#129186 - 12/04/99 01:13 PM Re: Wersi keyboards?
Paul Ip Offline

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The Da Vinci and Louvre models are really ideal for churches and theaters. I wonder if Wersi has a distributor in U.S. Even the more portable model Abacus KS1 looks good. The only obvious weakness of these keyboards/organs is that they have only 2 intros, 2 fill-ins, and 2 endings whereas other top-of-the-line professional arranger workstations have at least 3 for intros, fill-ins, and endings. The real strength of these machines is that they have Windows 98
built-in with 7" x 7" VGA resolution touch screen, not to mention the built-in CD-ROM. These keyboards must cost a fortune.

#129187 - 12/04/99 02:05 PM Re: Wersi keyboards?
TomTomSF Offline

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Wow! These Wersi keyboards look pretty amazing! "Surfing the Internet" from your keyboard!? It's about time the melding of keyboard & computer is taken to the next level. I doubt I'd surf the Net, but I do appreciate the built in Windows 98. I'd love to check one of these out.
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#129188 - 12/04/99 02:40 PM Re: Wersi keyboards?
Alex K Offline

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Windows 98 is not the best OS for a real-time on-stage system. Does it boot up fast? How robust is it? How likely is one rogue application to crush the instrument? It may be fine for surfing the net, not for a true real-time system which must be reliable (I've heard rumours of embedded version of NT, but that is ways off).

The features do look impressive on paper but I would not buy it without trying it out first. If any of you get to play it, I'd like to hear your comments.

#129189 - 12/04/99 02:55 PM Re: Wersi keyboards?
Roel Offline

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The technical specs look pretty good. I'm affraid the prices are a bit higher than most of us realize. I tried to find prices but I did not find them.
Several years ago I built the Wersi Alfa DX350 Total price > USD 6000 and I expect the keyboard's price about the same.

kind regards,


#129190 - 12/04/99 04:32 PM Re: Wersi keyboards?
AndyG Offline

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I'd like to echo Alex's comments regarding the inclusion of the Windows operating system in the Wersi keyboards.

This OS is DEFINITELY not a good choice for a real-time embedded system. The embedded (real-time) version of NT does not even provide a level of determinism. Hence you could find yourself experiencing unexpected delays during performance.

Having said that, I have owned a Wersi keyboard in the past and it sounded excellent. However, it was a bit unreliable.

I too would like to hear any comments on the new Wersi keyboards..

Best Regards,

Andy Gittings

#129191 - 12/04/99 07:56 PM Re: Wersi keyboards?
freddynl Offline
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Got the price for the abacus ks1
that's DEM 7900,-- which is US $ 4.200,--

that's a lot I think.

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