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#12903 - 01/17/05 11:32 PM transfer midi to keyboard for lessons

im just wonder how do u transfer midi to the keyboard casio lk-90tv for lessons? i was able to transfer the midi but when i tried to do the lesson,it just play the midi and doesnt teach u step by step or light up the key help please!!!

#12904 - 01/18/05 02:51 PM Re: transfer midi to keyboard for lessons
Jim Wintringham Offline

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This is just a GUESS.....But, I'm thinking that the 'lesson' midi files are coded to activate the a standard midi file (from the internet), may not light up your notes. Or, it could need to be set to a certain 'midi channel' (1 thru 16) work. Again these are just guesses. I would suggest trying out one of the many computer based sequencer programs, that have a 'keyboard' in the screen display. You can use the tempo control to slow down the playing, and watch the notes play on the computer screen.

I also imagine that Casio has more 'lesson' midi files avalible for download...check out their web site. Best reguards, Jim

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#12905 - 01/20/05 03:48 PM Re: transfer midi to keyboard for lessons
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i have downloaded lots of midi files off the net for use with my LK-70s using the smart media slot. i have found its quite a hit a miss affair finding files that light the keys the way you want. more often than not they don't. you also have to convert them midi-0 as most midi files tend to be in midi-1 format.

not seen any files available for download from casio site but if anyone knows where there are any please let us know the link.


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