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#12856 - 04/02/06 04:10 AM Help with WK-3000 recording
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My 11 year old daughter has been playing keyboard for about a year and is ready to start recording.

I have tried to help with the manual but am not being very successful. Can anybody help please in easy to understand steps.

She has successfully recorded a song and background rythem once, but we have not managed to repeat this success.

She wants to use the tracks to put different sounds to the same song.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in anticipation of your help.

#12857 - 04/02/06 12:15 PM Re: Help with WK-3000 recording
Jim Wintringham Offline

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To clear song memory (have a clean start):

1. Press the 'song memory' button...the display shows 'SG (0 thru 4) Play. Use the 'yes/no' select which song (0 thru 4) you want to access.

2. Press the 'down cursor'...the display shows 'SGx SongDel?' (the ‘x’ is the song slot 0 thru 4)

3. Press the 'yes' button...display shows 'SGx Sure?' 'yes' again. The display says 'please wait' then returns to the normal display.

To record a song:

1. Press ‘song memory’ button ( 1 time to play...2 times to record)...’REC’ should be flashing to indicate ‘standby record mode’. Quickly select your song slot (0 to 4), using the ‘yes/no’ buttons. You can now make the other selections (no time limit) to set up the song parts.

2. Press the Tone button and select the tone you want (and select a DSP effect if you want one)... to record to ‘track 1’.

3. Press the Rhythm button, and select the rhythm you want to record to ‘track 1’.

4. Now choose tempo & mode (Casio chords/ fingered/ full range chords) .

5. You can then start the song recording session, with the ‘Sync/start’ or ‘ intro’ or ‘variation’ button.

The song will record to ‘channel 11’. This track holds the rhythm parts for ‘channels 5 thru 10’ (this is the accompanyment), and also will hold the notes you play (the tone you selected), along with the rhythm.

If you look at the big buttons, under the display will see that the ‘Registration’ buttons are also labled as ‘tracks 1 thru 6’ (under the buttons). These tracks are displayed as the ‘channels 11 thru 16’...on the display screen. After you get track 1 recorded ( channel 11....holding the rhythm and first part you record ). Press the ‘start/stop button to stop recording (or the ‘ending button’).

To record the next the ‘song’ button (until the ‘rec’ is flashing on the display screen). Now press the big button ‘track’ ( 1 thru 6 ) set up the path for the next part you want to record. Choose your next tone... (remember only one DSP effect can be active at a time...but you can apply it to several different tones). Press the ‘start’ button...the tracks that are already recorded will play (and the channel bars will move...showing which tracks are already holding recordings)...and you can add the next part (to the ‘track’ you have selected). You can repeat this process... filling up to the 6 track limit. If you record to the same will erase the current recording (good if you made a mistake).

Other tips... the ‘layer/split’ features wont work in the ‘Casio song sequencer’ mode...when recording. The ‘song’ file will only play on the Casio...because it stores the information to control the accompanyment (it is not a midi file). You can record the ‘song’ to a computer based sequencer program ( like Power Tracks )...using midi cables to the computer, or record the song as an ‘audio’ recording ( using the headphone out of the the ‘line in’ of the computer)...also done in Power Tracks type program.

Recording to the computer (with a program like Power Tracks) can skip all the ‘hoops’ that Casio makes you jump thru...and you can edit bad notes out much easier in the computer. I hope this will help. Please post back how you do, and if you have any more questions.

Blessings, Jim

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#12858 - 04/03/06 09:37 AM Re: Help with WK-3000 recording
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Thank you for your speedy reply, we have had a go at recording and have been successful - although it does sound awful - I think we need loads more practice. Your instructions were easily understood - we didn't know how to delete recordings so thank you for that too.

We haven't even thought about connecting to our computer yet but when we feel ready I presume it's the next progression.

Reading postings on this forum it looks like my daughter has alot of growing into this keyboard yet.

Thanks again.


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