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#12788 - 10/31/05 02:22 AM WK-3200 vs. TYROS2 / piano-sound
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Funny things happen when you compare the acoustic piano sound of WK-3200/3700 with TYROS-2:


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#12789 - 10/31/05 04:25 AM Re: WK-3200 vs. TYROS2 / piano-sound
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Originally posted by sunfactor:
Funny things happen when you compare the acoustic piano sound of WK-3200/3700 with TYROS-2:


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It is truly a compliment to Casio that these same musicians even put a Casio tones into a tryos2 comparable area to a board which costs 1000's of dollars more.

The WK3200/3700 is a remarkable board and boasts some remarkable tones, styles and functions for the price. I have the WK-3700 and love it. I gave up my PSR2000 for the ease of using the WK3500 and I do not miss the PSR. I do not use the WK3500 anymore because the WK3700 in my opinion has superior tones and styles on it.

Of course, if I were a professional, I would be looking for the best of the best, as well as having many boards available to use to make money. I am happy that it is my hobby and not my living.

When you getting your new WK?

Linda F
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#12790 - 10/31/05 08:36 AM Re: WK-3200 vs. TYROS2 / piano-sound
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Personally I like the WK's piano better (and I too find it odd that I'd take a Casio piano sound over someone like Yamaha). It just sounds so nice I'm debating on the WK-3200 or 3700. I currently have the 3500. The 3200 has the same sounds as the 3700, but minus the mod wheel, stereo outs, and floppy. I'm still going to keep my 3500. I may save a few bucks and pick up the 3200. The lack of floppy isn't an issue anymore for me since my new computer has a 9 in 1 card reader. Also the stereo outs isn't an issue because I don't play out anymore. The only thing I'd miss a little would be the mod wheel, but the 3200 at least gives you a mod button that's programable.

After I pay off my most recent dental bill, I'll upgrade. I'll probably charge one at Music123 or some place like that. Music123 has a nice payment option right now.

Oh Linda, I'm working on getting that video together on me playing manual drums. My biggest obsticle is trying to get the sound to come out right considering I don't have all the needed equipment.

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#12791 - 10/31/05 11:44 AM Re: WK-3200 vs. TYROS2 / piano-sound
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Of course, one thing we have not mentioned here yet is the 6-octave range of the Casio. This enables many Classical pieces to be played on Piano. Certainly not possible on Tyros 1 or 2. But there again I don't think anyone would buy Tyros as a piano would they? There is no doubt that the sounds on Tyros 2 are quite astounding. No wonder the electronic organ has all but died in the Northern Hemisphere.

I still enjoy playing Casio WK3500 as a piano, but nothing in my estimation beats a proper 88-key graded hammer action board or an acoustic piano in concert pitch.

I decided to give the Tyros Page a bit of 'Casiology'


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#12792 - 11/01/05 11:28 AM Re: WK-3200 vs. TYROS2 / piano-sound
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Really true, it's astonishing when the very important piano sound (at least to me) of a keyboard which costs 10-times as much as the other, can not reach it's quality. (But don't get me wrong, the Tyros2 seems to be overall a great key.)

Hope to get the WK-3200 in two or three weeks and lookin forward to it!
Longer time ago I had (only few) piano lessons and bought a Kawai (acoustic) piano. It was lots of fun even if there were people who learned the stuff faster than me... (some time later when I got 18 decided to sell it to buy a car ). But nevertheless it was lots a fun and I loved to play.
Hope I will get along with the accompaniment, perhaps I'll look for a practice book

on my search in the archive about the WK-Series also found some posts from you which helped me a lot on my decision. Thought - mmmh, she already has a PSR-2000 but prefers to play a Casio? This was the point when I started gettin curious - to be honest, I never had a very high opinion of Casio... But things can change and it really seems Casio has improved themselves. Perhaps they could improve their marketing too... (Hello Yamaha)
What kind of music do you like to play?

you also helped me with the posts and last but not least with your recent reply to my question-thread. Thanks! I also thought about the decision 3200/3700 but as you already stated, owning a card reader it's not a must (btw I've got 19in1 ). Perhaps you can let us know when you get yours...

yeah, it's really nice to play on a hammer action keyboard (or the real thing) but now I can't afford it. But I sure will be happy with the WK.


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