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#126563 - 06/30/00 05:00 PM Beyond VA-7
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OK, folks - I have got some phylosophical ideas about this ...

Roland released the great G-800 and its "little brother", the G-600. After that, the amazing G-1000 was released, also its "little brother", the EM-2000. Another example are Yamaha EX5 and EX7, also Korg Trinity and Trinity Pro, T2 and T3, etc, etc...

Conclusion: Each "little brother" has some reduced features compared to "big brother" (smaller keyboard, unweighted keys, lighter design etc), but main features are same.

By analogy, I think this: the new VA-7 would be the "little brother" of some arranger which is not released yet.

As some people on this forum said (I can't remember who, sorry), G-1000 is the "stage" version of the EM-2000. I agree completelly with this, because i tried all the keyboards from G and EM series (also KORGs T2, T3, i1, i3, Trinity and Trinity Pro X, Ensoniq TS-10 and TS-12, some KURZWEILs and YAMAHAs) and after that, I have still got the same opinion.

I haven't tried the VA-7 yet, but I bolived all about its great sounds, because I heard how it sounding on the performance (from video tape). I've read most the messages about VA-7, and I suppose its feel is something between G-600 and EM series (NOT the features, they are much better). It sounding cool, but there are much disadvantages which make a live performance harder than on the G-1000. The typical example from former model are Source1 and Source2 EFX sliders on the G-1000. On the EM-2000 these function are implemented in the menu - so it's practically impossible to operate this that good as with the sliders on G-1000! With EM2000 you can forget a quick access to parameters of OD, Wah, Humanizer and other cool effects, because every time you want to use it, you must enter in the menues. I think we don't need a comment about using mostly important functions (keyb split, fill ins) on touch screen menues at live performance!

About keys...OK, everybody have his own choice. Somebody likes weighted, somebody likes unweighted keys. But, I think nobody who need to play some piano parts won't buy the VA-7, because currently there is no alternative with a bigger keyboard. Everybody who sometimes plays the piano knows how lowest octave is important.

My question for everybody is:

Does Roland intends to release a new "stage" arranger keyboard with new famous XV sounds? Does anybody heard something about this?

Best regards

#126564 - 07/01/00 06:37 AM Re: Beyond VA-7
Ilija Petkovski Offline

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Thanks for your vision and I need to say: you are very right about that! The G-1000 is still the performance flag-ship and the VA-7 is the partyanimal with brilliant functions/features but lack on performance.
The G-1000 is the King in that way. I intend to buy a EM-2000, because all the keyboard version and buttons are the same except some sliders on the left of the keyboard. I didnt know this difference you mentioned.
For the rest I still think the Korg i30 is the most beautiful professionel looking keyboard on the market with black buttons, lay out and blue touch screen!



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