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#12588 - 03/06/99 11:24 AM Casio CZ1
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Anyone with a Casio CZ1 could you please let me know, are they any good?


#12589 - 03/10/99 01:10 PM Re: Casio CZ1
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Hey i've heard not a bad thing said about these little buggers....i'm soon to be having one...their cheap...they aren't velocity sensitive but they are bonafide noise machines...and eight stage, they can be had for 150 or less...the ram carts you should look to pick up with em...but they aren't really that necesarry...albeit nice...actually i think their still availible from syntaur...although i'm not sure....mines coming with a 64 voice cart....

#12590 - 03/13/99 08:24 AM Re: Casio CZ1
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If you can get one for around $100 or less they are a cool adjunct to an existing midi system. But if it is to be your only midi synth, then it won't do the job being only really 4 note polyphonic and no drum section. However if you are buying it just to expand your range of sounds then it is quite cool to program from the front panel.

Certain types of sounds it can do quite well, (eg. synth brass, bass) Sounds that take advantage of the multiple stage envelopes can also be very cool, and using tone mix to layer sounds is effective for mono lines. The general tone of the CZ tends to be quite digital with an odd upper mids boxiness that is particular evident with percussive sounds. But that is not necessarily a bad thing, as it helps add to it's quirky-but-unique sound which can work well in helping to stand out in a mix.

Sum up .. a good unit for experimentation but not as the main sound making device in your studio.

#12591 - 03/22/99 04:10 PM Re: Casio CZ1
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First of all, the CZ1 IS velocity sensitive, and it is 8 voice poly (16 if you use only one channel, but the sounds are thin then). I'd STRONGLY recommend you allow an extra $75 or so for a cheap effects box of some sort (a used Alesis Nanoverb for example). I have one dedicated between my CZ1 and mixer and it brings the synth to an all new level of usefulness (the on board chorus is so noisy it's almost useless and there're no other effects to speak of). I think perhaps you or the other posters are referring to the CZ101/CZ1000s which ARE 4 voice poly and ARE NOT velocity sensitive. A CZ1 for under $200 is a good deal.


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