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#12517 - 09/16/98 04:02 AM QS8
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Anyone have any opinions of the QS8 sounds? I'm on the verge of buying, and want to make sure I'm making the right choice. How about the effects? User interface? Ease of use?

#12518 - 09/17/98 07:52 PM Re: QS8
Mister Music Offline
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I have a qs7 (same thing). It's a nice board; it has great piano sounds, (though teh epianos are weak..), a few good drum kits (sound real!), as well as lots of orchestral stuff, including a few good brass sounds and some really awsome strings.
The FX are nice; you can have four different fx routings per mix/program, though to set them up, you need the schematics in the manual.
The interface is tough to learn (if it's your first synth), since it has the tiny window, but you'll get used to it. Also, MOTU for the QS is included, which has really nice full screen patch/fx editors if you like that better.

#12519 - 09/18/98 10:11 AM Re: QS8
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I also have a QS7 and agree with Mister Music. The sounds are decent (with a little tweaking here and there, they get better). Effects are good. Interface can be a little tough till you get used to it. I got mine primarily as a controller with the onboard sounds a nice bonus. I use the sounds to "flesh out" sequences. Also, you can obtain Qcards with preprogrammed samples that are pretty good. If you want, you can also use sound bridge software to burn your own samples onto ram cards. For the price, I don't know of many keyboards that are as versatile. Good luck.

#12520 - 09/18/98 10:39 AM Re: QS8

As far as ease of use, the QSR is a bit easier to use. When paired with a good controller, the QSR can be just as powerful if not more so than the QS8. Also, if you are using a computer to control the synth, the QSR is supreme.

But for the price of the QS8, you will probably not find another synth of its calibur. It is very powerful.

The only downers I have with the QS series are: no arpeggiator (track generator is a weak impersonation), no tempo control for anything, no filter cutoff, resonance, HPF, LPF, BPF, or any other wave controls.

Some of the great things about it: awesome effects - 4 buses per patch, awesome control of many parameters - fully assignable anything to any control number, aftertouch control, 4 assignable cc sliders, digital direct out, pcmcia expansion capability, and so much more...

So hopfull that will help you make a decision.


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