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#124583 - 11/10/07 02:26 PM Re: Wersi Abacus Pro on YouTube
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I don't particularly what to get into an argument with you Dikki but I must take you up on this idea that you seem to have that we, in Europe are obsessed with theatre organ sounds. Whilst there is still a market to some extent as there is in the States, by the number of European organists who tour there,the considerable majority of organ and keyboard enthusiasts over here attend clubs and concerts at which only a very small part of the programmes features theatre organ sounds, if at all.

#124584 - 11/10/07 03:41 PM Re: Wersi Abacus Pro on YouTube
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Don't attack my homeland Trevor.
Everyone, and everything I listen to is my teacher. Every instrument, every voice, every sound in nature ... they are all my private tutor ... 24/7 for free.

#124585 - 11/10/07 04:38 PM Re: Wersi Abacus Pro on YouTube
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I can honestly say that these were the first Wersi demos I had the chance to listen to and see close up and I really don't see what all the hubbub is about regarding Wersi. I keep hearing they are these wonderful arranger instruments with Windows OS and VST capability with wonderful sounds and with a gigantic price tag to go along with it. Two out of four ain't bad , but the sounds emanating from that monstrosity sound like a mid-priced Casio in my opinion. Maybe it had a lot to do with the way the demos were recorded, but even so, you still would think that a $10,000 instruments Acoustic Grand Piano would sound light years better than a tinker toy Casio's under even the most duress of recording anomalies. BTW, I'm talking about the demo on the right side of the youtube page under "Wersi Organ". The AC Piano sounded really inferior to my audiophile ears.

Huh.. I just noticed after downloading the file that it was actually recorded in Mono at 22050Hz. Like I said though it still should sound better even if it was recorded in mono and with a less than stellar sampling rate. For a $10,000 instrument that is.

And you would think if they were going to showcase an AC Grand Piano sound that they would want to load Ivory or some other VST piano instead of that Casio imitation. Oops! Hopefully that wasn't Ivory we were hearing by the way. If it was then we're all in a heap of trouble; or rather I should say that Wersi is in a heap of trouble for allowing Ivory to sound like a Casio through their $10,000 arranger instrument.

No disrespect to 'abacus' either. The profit margin on those babies should be gargantuan which is reason enough to keep selling them in my opinion. I would think most of Wersi's clients are upwards in age and of retirement stature who most could give a flying fig about audio fidelity and pristine sound reproduction like the majority of us here on the SZ etc., do. In other words, "close enough is close enough" to the majority of them I would think, especially at that age where hearing loss is a commonality in a vast segment of that populous.

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#124586 - 11/10/07 09:34 PM Re: Wersi Abacus Pro on YouTube
Ensnareyou Offline

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I've yet to ever hear an online Wersi demo that would even show the true quality and sound of this instrument. Unlike those who only hear MP3 demos and have never heard the real instrument in person and make a decision based upon that, I own an Abacus Duo Pro so I can speak from first hand experience. I also own a large arsenal of the finest synths, samplers, and keyboards ever made and have owned the best arranger keyboards other manufacturers have to offer. The Wersi is without question the finest arranger I have ever heard or seen in both build quality and sound. The Tyros 2 sounds are not even comparable with the exception of a few Mega or SA voices. Imagine a keyboard that actually sounds like the real instrument. Not just a sound or two, but literally 1 GB of sounds that are top notch, that's what the Wersi has to offer. Rarely can you turn on an instrument and find almost every sound so exacting that it mimics the true instrument. Wersi has spent years developing their factory sounds and it really shows. The fact you can further expand your possibilities with VST's, software, and other programs is merely icing on the cake.

It is sad that Wersi doesn't have better online demos but their market share is so small I'm not sure they care a whole lot. Wersi's are like Ferraris, we can all want one but few can afford one. It really depends on what you need, what your music requires, and whether or not a Wersi is right for you. I tried the best Korg, Technics, Roland, Ketron, and Yamaha had to offer, they didn't fit my needs. I bought my Abacus on the word of other Wersi owners and only hearing a demo CD and I don't regret the purchase. The first time I heard the Wersi in person I was shocked. The difference in sound, programmability, and ease of use was so different from anything else I had owned, it was staggering. You just won't know this without playing the instrument.

Those who own a Wersi will most likely share my sentiments. Those who have never seen or heard one in person, will never understand just how phenomenal this instrument is.

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