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#12345 - 01/09/00 09:12 PM SR16 hook up to sequencer
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I'm trying to get my SR16 to work as a slave with the sequencer in my Yamaha sy77. After checking the manual, all it says is that I can do it, but doesn't say how. It tells you how to make it respond to an external midi device, but I would like to know if I can have the sy77 tell the sr16 which pattern to play and when. I tried to record a pattern on the Yamaha using the sr16 as a sound device, but it will only play back the pattern that is currently called up on the sr16. Any ideas?

#12346 - 01/21/00 10:18 AM Re: SR16 hook up to sequencer
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I'm not sure the patterns on the SR-16 respond to Midi-In messages. I use my SR-16 with a Sequencer on an Atari ST and I do not use the SR-16 patterns. I use the individual drum sounds.
But I believe you can record the patterns from the SR-16. You can set the sequencer (whatever kind) to recieve Midi data from the SR-16 and just hit PLAY on the SR-16. The sequencer should record the correct notes. You might have to do some adjustments after that to get the right drum sounds to play but you should at least get the notes you want.

I know this is not the exact answer you were looking for but I hope it helps anyway.


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