I had a chance to audition a pair of KRK brand: model V4's with a V8 subwoofer, on my lunch break today and was impressed how natural (neutral) they sound especially considering how SMALL (9-1/4" W x 6" W x 7-3/4" D) & Lightweight (9 lbs) they are:

Krk V4: http://www.krksys.com/v3/vseries_v4.asp

Krk V4 Electronic Musician Mag Review: http://www.krksys.com/v3/reviews/review_em.asp

Krk V8 Subwoofer: http://www.krksys.com/v3/sub_s8.asp

I'm thinking of purchasing this trio for recording/mixing my acoustic type song material on my new Korg D1200mkII digital audio workstation: http://korg.com/gear/info.asp?A_PROD_NO=D1200MKII

I recently sold my Genelec 1029 w/ subwoofer system to an associate as I now need even smaller speakers like the V4's.

Btw: I returned the Korg D1600mkII for the D1200mkII because the D1600mkII turned out to be a bit too heavy & bulky for the portability I require. Like J.Larry, I too am wanting to go the smaller portable studio route.

I'm interested in getting feedback from others who've heard these 'near field' monitors. Thanks, - Scott

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