i am (quite..)happy owner of an EMU esi400 sampler and i am now looking for a second sampler for the studio.
i will use it mostly as a (sophisticated) drum machine, loops, breakbeats, rythm pattern and so on...
i need good filters and FX.
i am still in doubt between a yamaha 3000 or an akai 3200XL sampler

i had the occasion to try out the yamaha and i had a seriously good impression, now i would like to know if the same good features i found in the yamaha are available in the akai 3200XL
thanks to all the people who will take the time to answer me.

1) up to 128M RAM
2)10 mono (or stereo) channels output +1 digital stereo channel output (=6 assignable stereo!!)
2)very good FX (included weird preset!)up to 3 fx assignable to each sample FX routed as insert(applied to the sound) or sidechain (routed in a different output)
3)internal resampling option. each sound can be internally resampled with fx filters and so on...very good!!! (so infinite Fx can be applied to any sample!)
sounds can be sampled directly with FX
4)is possible to connect any external soundsource to the front analog input holes and use the sampler as an external FX unit
5)four knobs for real-time tweaking of filters, fx and so on...
6) a crisp and powerful sound (but this is off course subjective and i need the answer of someone who worked with both the machines)

ok these are the features that really impressed me and i would like to know if the akai have 3200XL has something similar...