I just browsed site and found that their USB connector for 2.5" hard disk very interesting and may revolutionize our ways of accessing hard disks installed in our keyboards. With this USB connection, we can directly deal with the keyboard hard disks right from our USB-equiped PCs and manipulate/backup files right at our PC desktop. They have models that support PSR8000/9000 and Korg I3/I30 but I can imagine support for more models and makes later. The cost is projected at about 150 to 200 Euro. The following is German to English translation from

Paul Ip
from Texas

With the USB (universal Serial bus INTERFACE) of musitronics it is to be exchanged possible directly between your PC and the fixed disk of its KORG i3 / i30 or Yamaha PSR 8000/PSR 9000 data.

Background: Everyone decays PC possesses today a USB interface, which is situated thus more near as this interface to used around data between your computer and the fixed disk of your key board to exchange.

They can exchange you for example data directly between two instruments via PC the pedantic to copy by means of diskette are omitted or you to be able to do e.g. directly from the Internet data on its KORG i3 / i30 fixed disk or PSR-8000/PSR-9000 fixed disk to copy.

They can make naturally also a Backup on your PC of the fixed disk of your instrument. They have various possibilities.

A prerequisite is the operation system Windows 98 second output Windows Millemium or Windows 2000

Mode of operation: After the installation of the enclosed drivers the fixed disk of your key board becomes visible as new drive letter in your computer. Now you can access directly the fixed disk of your key board. Even editing of e.g. MIDI files and Samples directly on the fixed disk of their key board from their computer is now possible.....

Rate: With approx. 1MByte per second transfer rate (approx. 20 MIDI correspond to file/seconds) is it substantially faster than e.g. a ZIP drive via SCSI.

The hardware: The USB INTERFACE circuit board possesses the size of a 2.5x27x27 fixed disk and easily between the fixed disk link of its key board and the fixed disk is inserted. The USB female connector and a 2,5m long USB cable is attached to the extension.