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#119472 - 02/22/01 10:33 AM Arrangers & Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
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Does anybody use their arranger with Cakewalk Pro Audio 9? I cannot seem to record my PSR 740 correctly. The playback is horrible. Could somebody give me some tips including the Cakewalk template you use with your keyboard? I can change the instrument definition. I would really appreciate any help possible. Thank you,


#119473 - 02/22/01 01:02 PM Re: Arrangers & Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
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I don't understand exactly what you mean, but if you mean that cakewalk is not playing back the correct instruments, I suspect you did not load an instrument patch for the psr740!
You need to import the instrument definition for a PSR 740 if it's not in the instrument list!

Also make sure to turn echo off on all channels, while recording!

I don't own a psr 740 , so I have no idea what the settings should be on the psr740, but I do use a G 800 without any problem with CPA, in fact I use avarage four different instrument definitions in recordings and send
them out all at the same time, once ready for the audio recording, which does not need any
special settings on the different midi devices, due to the use of a midi-patchbay.

1. load the instrument definition
2. choose the desired project options
3. choose the midi channels you like to reserve for your psr740

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#119474 - 02/22/01 05:20 PM Re: Arrangers & Cakewalk Pro Audio 9
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I do have INS Definitions for the PSR 740 loaded onto Cakewalk. I did all of the things that you mentioned, and I thank you for your response. However, playback still sounds bad.

I found a way around this problem, however. Since I want to edit style chord progressions to suit my songs, I can use the PSR's sequencer to make the basic recording, and then open it in Cakewalk where I can do advanced editing. When I open the sequenced file in Cakewalk, all the instrument names come up, and it sounds identical on playback on my PSR 740. So, I found a suitable way around my problem, and making music is more important than figuring out why something doesn't work right. Thanks again.


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