If anyone of you are samplers users (Akai or else) with PC, (drived with cubase ;-)
and would like to know how to burn your own programs/samples CDR's
or save your Zip/Syquest on CD's,
just go to : http://free.prohosting.com/~deep/
then Akai center
I've compiled all the infos and tools to do it !

You'll find a very great tip to match very precisely the tempo of a drumloop
to a song with pitch-shifting.
There's a logarhytmic formula which tells you the exact relation
between bpm and transposing.
i.e if you got a 120 bpm drumloop,
how many half-tones and hundredth of half-tones are you supposed to apply,
to have a very precise 123,7 bpm loop...

This is my home site and you can download mp3's that i composed
and realized with VST ( dub,jungle,trip-hop,ethno-electronic...)

Take care