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#117431 - 09/03/05 07:34 AM Church performance update
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Hi all,
I couldn't find my old post, but so delighted with my experience playing last week. Not sure if I have shared the story before, but here goes

Basically we played six songs, four I was able to learn well before the practice (Thursday night at the week of the upcoming service). At the last minute I decided I couldn't do one of the songs since it was in key of G# (I don't know why they wouldn't just do it in G or A), so trusty 'ol Triton Studio came to the rescue.

Played the whole Sunday from 9 o'clock service to the 5 o'clock with rest in between of course. I was so so glad with the opportunity, man all you guys would know this...once a musician always a musician! It was a really fulfilling experience just to be able to serve in the church as well as meeting my own musical needs which has been deprived for many years!

I have deeper respect (and slightly envy) of you guys who get to do what you LOVE doing (music) and be able to earn your living doing it!

Yadda yadda yadda...before I waste more of Nigel's bandwith, let me just say, I have another session coming up...this time is Sept 18 and I'm playing the Synth (not acoustic piano like the last time)...should be easier, and different too since I'll be accompanying the choir along with the band!

Whooo hoooo!!!

#117432 - 09/03/05 07:48 AM Re: Church performance update
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Sounds like you're back to really enjoying life and having lots of fun.



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#117433 - 09/03/05 09:59 AM Re: Church performance update
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KN_Fan, click on search up in the top left hand corner & you can find all your posts.
just type in your username, then scan down to where it says, Start Search.

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#117434 - 09/03/05 08:25 PM Re: Church performance update
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NOBBY!!! Where have you been, my friend? I thought you must have blown away.


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