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#111627 - 11/02/07 05:21 PM Re: Zuki how did you make out with the Pa800 scam?
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Originally posted by mikeathome1:
And don't forget what your mama told you about if it sounds too good to be true.........


#111628 - 11/02/07 08:17 PM Re: Zuki how did you make out with the Pa800 scam?
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from eBay


Yamaha Tyros SCAMS - Electronic keyboard buying guide

The Yamaha Tyros scammers are still on Ebay. They are back with the recent release of the Yamaha Tyros 2 keyboard.

Folks, think about it. If you see a brand new keyboard for sale on Ebay with no reserve and listing for 1/10th of its street price ($3500), then do you really think this is legitimate? NO! It's a SCAM! I can't believe folks are still bidding on these! Stop paying for the livelihood of these scammers with your hard-earned money.

Here's the signs to identify scams on any brand of electronic keyboard, including the Yamaha Tyros 2:

The seller has little to no feedback. If you're going to pay thousands of dollars for a keyboard, get someone who has at least 50 feedbacks.

The user is a new Ebay user. Never buy professional music equipment from an Ebay user who signed up within the past 6 months. Ebay scammers start new accounts, do their scamming, then leave that account and start up another Ebay account, leaving you penniless and without a keyboard. Only buy from long-standing Ebay sellers.

There is no reserve on the auction, and the starting bid is much less than the keyboard is worth. Ebay is the place for deals, but think about it: Deals are usually given because an item is used or was released years ago. If you're bidding on a brand new keyboard, and that keyboard model just came out two months ago, how can the seller offer it for a fraction of its value? The truth is, the seller doesn't have a keyboard to sell.

Go back to completed Tyros auctions and compare photos. If your current auction reuses photos from other auctions, it's because the seller has no actual keyboard. Also watch out if the seller uses stock photos. Have the seller send you actual photos of the actual item they are selling.

The seller is not in the U.S. (usually claims to be in Cananda or England) - this way the seller doesn't have to register a US mailing address with Ebay.

The listing has no specific details on that particular keyboard - only a general product description is included.

Any vagueness about payment details (such as requiring the winnning bidder to contact the seller to work out payment arrangements). Do you know why they're vague? Because if they put their contact/payment info down in the auction, they can be tracked down! Since they're scammers, they're trying to be as elusive as possible!

NEVER bid on any auction where you don't see the Paypal logo!!! If the seller doesn't take Paypal, then FORGET IT! Any legitimate seller will accept Paypal. Using Paypal gives the buyer protection. Other forms of payment do not.

Never ever use Western Union or money order to pay for a Tyros keyboard. This is just stupid. It's throwing your money into a black hole with no way to recover it or track it. There's no excuse in 2006 A.D. for a seller to not accept Paypal. Think about it! The reason they don't accept Paypal is BECAUSE THEY ARE A SCAMMER! Don't Get SCAMMED!
Fred from Renton, WA notes some other symptoms you can use to identify Tyros Ebay scams. Thanks, Fred!

The auction is usually short, like 1 to 2 days.
The seller wants direct contact via email outside Ebay.

Look at the seller's other auctions - often the seller is auctioning many high value items and often ALL at the same starting price.

Look for units of currency that do not agree with supposed area of seller or item location.
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#111629 - 11/03/07 09:43 AM Re: Zuki how did you make out with the Pa800 scam?
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When buying from sellers here on Synth Zone and other forums be suspicious of people who have no history on the forums and have only registered simply to post their ad. Not that all these people are scammers but I'd insist on using a service like in cases where you aren't sure. It may cost little more but it will assure you are protected.

#111630 - 11/09/07 12:42 AM Re: Zuki how did you make out with the Pa800 scam?
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Zuki did PayPal offer any hope of recovering your money?

#111631 - 11/09/07 05:26 AM Re: Zuki how did you make out with the Pa800 scam?
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You can drop this thread now. The deadline for him to respond to PayPal was yesterday, which he did not.

I see him all over the forums and we have plenty of info to go after him. I'm sick of his little smilie faces. He seems to think he can pull off these scams, but he took up with the wrong person this time.

Thanks for you support and I'll let you know of the outcome.

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#111632 - 11/09/07 12:06 PM Re: Zuki how did you make out with the Pa800 scam?
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Zuki, it might be a bit late, but as you used Paypal I assume you paid with a credit card, in which case you have up to 30 days after the transaction to simply cancel that payment, sort of like cancelling a cheque. It is an action that credit card companies dont advertise but is available to customers.Works in Australia, and I have no reason to believe the same rules do not apply in other countries. In Australia you actually HAVE to get a special form from the CC company before you can proceed.

#111633 - 11/09/07 01:31 PM Re: Zuki how did you make out with the Pa800 scam?
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I baught a technics k.b on e-bay payed $1,500 U.S A It was junk I returned IT contacted pay pal and received a refund including shipping,baught a pa800 and I also have technics 6500 I will be needing a lot of help with the korg (I don,t find It to be user friendly/// good luck guy I hope you get your money back from that (cheater) princess
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