I love the old synths , not because they are old , I like them because it's all hands on and purely electronic . I hate sample playback , I do like the analog modeling synthesizers . The only problem I have with analog modeling is that they all sound the same , and they should , they are just computers crunching numbers .
An old Minikorg sounds completely different from a Minimoog . A Yamaha SY-1 sounds different from the later CS series . A Roland SH-1000 sounds different from a SH-101 . Everyone had a unique sound because of the way they made the electronics and the way each company evolved . Number crunching can't get that , maybe one day , but not today .
I think analog synthesizers are just one of those things that they got right the first time , can't get no better than that . Just like a Guitar player may say the same thing about a Les Paul or a Telecaster .