Hi Good people,

I'm an all around songwriter who is interested in synths. I have a Korg 2000 and have made a couple little dittys so far on a computer recording program.

I finally notived the demo songs on the synth, as was wondering if it is possible to play that synth like it is its own sequencer; creating a riff, then layering on that riff and so forth, so in the end you have a multilayered "song" without the use of a recording program. In other words, can I too make songs like the demos?

If so, where do I start? I realize I can sit there and tweak the dials until the cows come home, but w/o some kinda guide, manual, or something, I won't get anywhere. I have the operation manual but this doesn't supply any basic how to approach, just definition and descriptions of parameters.

So, specifically, I'd like to create a kick sound, a snare sound, and multilayers of cool sounds, all within the real time setting. Is this possible? Are these the absolute noobiest questions ever? If so, forgive me!

Any suggestions, links, specific pointers about the Korgt 2000?