I play midi guitar and am the "cool tones" guy for a bunch of guys who really just jam a lot. I picked up a Roland JS-30 Sampling Workstation for fun hoping to create a library of needed noises and loops. I have an old scsi CD drive. Is there a way for me to take sound files on my PC (I have Cool Edit) and create a CD that my Roland can read? Is there a utility that will let my PC create a disk in the proper format and assist me to load up samples?

My JS-30 does not have the ROM upgrade for a zip drive and its no longer available from Roland. I could probably find a hard rive on Ebay but manipulating the samples on the PC would be much easier than loading them up one at a time. The manual for the JS-30 says that CDs for Roland "S" series (S330/550,S770/750) and Akai samples can be read.

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