I know this is an older message.. but i have to comment on this.... my D4 is doign the same thign and i am going through it using a MIDI source.. not the drum triggers.. and tho the MIDI file i wrote HAS velocity changes on the drum track and when played through my KORG X3.. it sound NICE... but when played through the D4.. there is NO VELOCITY feel at all.. almost makes it sound like the drums are getting hit it at FULL velocity!.

it has to be something with th D4.. i am just NOT sure what it is.. the only VELOCITY settins you can adjust is the ones for the TRIGGERS (like yrou using).. but I KNOW I READ.. that the VELOCITY changes can be made through the MIDI too!.. but seems like it ISNT. Though the PAD on the front of the D4 works GREAT for velicity! thats what confuses me!

I think this could be the same problem your having.. I am wondering if the velocity is NOT controllable via MIDI?? or like in yrou case the TRIGGERS?

anyone with ideas?!?!