I've actually had almost every guitar synth since the early Roland non midi units. They actually tracked the best but did not even store patches. The piezo pickups in the quitars like the Brian Moore's are by far the quickest tracking. I've got the new Yamaha unit and a GM-70 with the old pickup and a GR-30 & VG-8. The Brian Moore and almost any interface work well but the Yamaha and the GR-30 track great. I probably going to unload several of my units if you're interested. It also makes a great difference what you're doing with the guitar synths. I'm just triggering a Digitech Studio Vocalist with mine of stage right now and you don't have to worry about the speed of the tracking too much for that but if you're going to program sequences or play live keyboard sounds you need the best tracking you can get. The Roland Ready Strat is ok but the piezo pickups are definately the way to go if you're really serious.
Originally posted by jmbstudios:
What unit is best for trackin.. I just bought a Roland Ready STrat and am looking for a controller..
Roland GR-50 looks good
Yamaha G50 Looks good
Axon looks great too expensive.
Do they all track the same??? Help need to get one very soon.........