We'd like to get opinions of some experienced synthesists who use modular systems. SERIOUS responses only, please.

We are preparing to make a line of synth modules, using TUBES for all audio processing. Probably there will
be only audio modules--VCF, VCA etc.

CV generating functions (ADSR, LFO etc) will be left to products from other manufacturers. There's no real advantage to doing these with tubes.

Shall we make a tube VCA, VCF or VCO first? The VCF would be a 3-tube bandpass type, 4 poles.

And is anyone interested in bizarre tube-only devices, such as beam-deflection ring modulators?

These modules will be expensive, compared to Doepfer and the like-- expect a range of $250 to $1000. Can't be helped, tubes are expensive beasts to use today.

These modules WILL sound totally different from anything else ever made available to the public! That's why we're doing this.

Please post here or email to me at info@metasonix.com. Thanks!

Eric at metasonix