Hope someone here can give me some guidance on my new machine (Yamaha Motif-Rack ES.) Installed USB Driver & all software. Got it fired up & opened up an all MIDI composition in SONAR5. Armed an audio track & have nothing. Checked out the demo songs & they sound fine (little weak in audio output, IMO...this rompler.)

Anyway, I suspect it has something to do w/ USB:

1) How does one tell if the sequencer is transmitting MIDI data properly? (meaning I'm looking for some indicator on the Motif...a blinking red light or something.)

2) In the owner's manual, under 'Connecting To A Computer' > 'Using A USB Connector', the parameter requirement is: [UTILITY] > MIDI Display > MIDI In/Out > USB. Well...that's not happening for me. I hit the UTILITY button; & the display reads 'General' Volume = 127. The menu below does not contain MIDI In/Out...or anything else MIDI related.

Where am I going wrong?



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