I'm a complete novice to synthesizers. I find the manual and online info like another language.

I play guitar in a band and need to add some synth parts at times. I've been given a Yamaha DX11 but the onboard sounds are awful - very 80s synthpop and they all wobble !! I need a big Van Halen "Jump" sound, a huge harpsichord and some nice phased pads.

Can anyone tell in simple English how to download some new tones for the Yamaha DX11 please.

I've followed advice and bought a midi interface and downloaded pfarm, I've been on www.synthzone.com and also the Yamaha forums and am struggling to work exactly what I'm looking for and how to get it into my synth.

Please advise, what does a new synth sound look like on the screen, how can I listen to it to see if its what I'm looking for and how do I download it. I'm also not sure if I need to pay for the sounds - one website seemed to list a whole list of licences that made no sense to me.