I just bought an old TX802.
Whenever I want to change programs or the midi channel or the track in my cubase
version, the tx802 reacts with a trap error.
After the trap error appears in the display, the only thing I can do is switch off. No button or combination of buttons shows a response, and sounds cannot be played either.
Basically I donīt know what kind of error it is. There was nothing to read about in the manual.

Changing programs directly from a keyboard (with no computer connected) to the TX802 makes the error come, too. Itīs curious, but if I play the TX802 with a Yamaha keyboard (AN1x), everything works fine, so that I donīt think my TX802 is broken.

Since I want to play the TX802 in a midi setup by computer, it doesnīt help me that it can be played by a Yamaha keyoard.

What kind of error is it and how can I avoid it?

Thanks for your help.