my son has just got his first ever keyboard
its an old one yamaha PSR-3

hes never played before thats why he got an old secondhand one to start with.
the thing is me or him no who to read music
so whats the best book or site to find info on this-what he needs is an easy to read thing, where it has the letters ect- cdefg instead of notes, the keyboard has some very nice tunes built in like house of the rissing sun but not having a clue what note are what its hard for him to play it, if you can help it will be a great help for him, and me.
i was told there are sites that can help, one that show the music notes and what letters they represent, if im asking to much or am on the wrong type of forum i am very sorry, but we all have to start somware and this to me is a top forum, first time here,
very nice,

many thanx haz
thanx inadvance