I am in Ireland andI have just taken delivery of a Yamaha PSR 9000 VAersion 2 Keyboard. I bought this from PRO MUSIC in Italy because they had the best price.

However, no matter how I try I cannot access the Music Database . Shortly after I turned on the Keyboard this was one of the features I immediately wanted to try and it did not work.

When I press the Music Database button I just get the headings of CATEGORY and MUSIC DATA(TEMPO) but nothing underneath these headings as is displayed in the Manual. When I press button F all I get at the bottom left hand Corner of the display is the word ANY but none of the other headings like GREAT POP SONGS etc - they simply are not there. I checked in Utilities and it gives the number 616 as the amount of styles in the Database but I cannot access them. This is very disappointing because the Music Database is one of the main reasons that I bought the PSR 9000

I phoned Yamaha in England who, when they found out I bought the keyboard from Italy, became "unhelpful" and told me to contact my supplier for help. Yamaha England said they supply 2 main discs with their keyboards whereas Yamaha Italy supplies 4 plus the demo disc and they said they did not know if their discs would be compatible.

While the 4 program discs that came with the keyboard are printed in Italian, there does not seem to be a reference to MUSIC DATABASE on the labelling

Is there a way of loading the Music Database into the keyboard from the discs and if so can someone help me by explaining how to do this because the manual is not too clear on this point

Or am I doing something wrong? I have tried every way to access the Database with no luck and I would be very grateful for any help or assistance to sort this out


Michael Gallagher