Hi Ross:

Its really easy to install a HD on the 9000's only takes a few minutes, (step by step in the manual). You can get a HD used or new (reccommend new) from many places, from about 50 bucks to 170 bucks at yamaha.

The 9000 will only use up to 8 gig HD, any larger is a waste of money. Not sure of the exact figures but seems like 4 particians of 1 gig ea. holds something like 75,000 midi's and 50,000 styles.

If you know what your doing and can put in the particians and format to 9000 etc you can pick up a suitable harddrive and install it yourself for probably under 50 dollars US.

Most people contacts Vince Cochran ( the Harddrive man) and he will supply the harddrive, tested, particianed, formated, to the 9000 and preloaded with styles from lots of different brands of keyboards, changed to operate on the 9000. plus a couple of Cd's with thousands of midi's and styles. He also supplies the mounting bracket and full instructions and gives a offering of help and a bang up guarantee.

Vince cochran
The Roscote, lon-y-plas
Flint CH6 5Ul
Tel Uk: +4f4(0) 1352 732382


Not sure what he's charging now days but probably around 125 dollars US. takes about 10 days to receive.

He only uses top quality drives that match up with yamaha's.


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