Having problems with my Yamaha SY 85's reading files.

(1) Recently downloaded SY 85 patch files from the net, from the Classic Corner. All w/proper SY 85 extensions. Copies to SY 85 formatted disk. SY 85 still won't read them, sez "illegal file." Any suggestions?

(2) Saved a Cakewalk file in SMF Format 0, then tried to load on SY 85. Used the Utility/Disk menu for loading "other." Again got the illegal file msg. Any suggestions?

(3) Does anyone know of librarian software that will read an SY 85 patch file (*.go1) so I can try dumping these files via MIDI? I have the SY 85 Librarian but it only seems to read files in its own format.

(4) Does anyone know if any vendors in the US who still sell Yamaha SY 85 RAM cards w/patches?