I've developed a DJX Cakewalk Studioware Panel.
It fully controls DJX features under Cakewalk 6.0 and up, including:
- Easy one-touch 16 track voice set-up. (Panel voices, general midi, DJX special and Sampled voice).
- Reverb, Chorus and DSP effects set-up including those not available directly from DJX.
- 16 track MIXER whith Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo and Reverb, chorus and dsp send level controls for each track.
- Realtime controls for Modulation, Attack Time, Release Time, Resonance and Cutoff filter frecuency.
- PitchBend range, Coarse and Fine Tuning set-up
-Internal/External clock selection.
-XG and G.MIDI system reset
-Nice Artwork. (Looks like a real DJX)
If you are interested, e-mail me. gelma@cybergal.com