Using the Sequencer in Realtime mode, I have recorded a song that takes approxiamately 68 measures, including the introduction, ending and embellishments within the song itself. Measures 24-35 are the final 12 chorus measures that complete the song, followed by a musical interlude up to measure 52. I then wanted to repeat those final 12 measures again in measures 52-63 in EXACTLY the same way as the former section mentioned above, but, being a purely ear player, I often find it difficult to repeat sections in an identical way. It occurred to me that perhaps I could "Copy and Paste" the first section into the second one to replace what I had played in the second section. I assumed that I should first erase the information in measures 52-63 and then, using the Sequencer, copy the 24-35 section to the latter one. So, I did that and it copied as I hoped it would. However, following measure 63, the entire copied section, superimposed over the entire song discordantly played on and on, well beyond measure 120, where I finally stopped the playback, not actually knowing how far it would go before stopping. Does anyone know why this weird discrepancy occurred and/or how to solve it and merely have the two sections play identically and then have the song end as it did originally? What am I doing wrong?

I hope this dilemma is understandable. Any help will be most appreciated and I thank you in advance for your help.

Ted Rose