The way I see it!

When I was a kid. I remember a few things when I was a little kid. I mean a little little kid. Not too many things but one that made a big impression on me. To this very day I remember when my dad made me a box. My box. My very own box. A box for me and a box for my brother. My box was my treasure chest. My chest had a lid. A lid on an old orange crate that was my very own. Painted a color that was different than my brotherís. Even the lid was made of different sized scraps of wood A special trove for the things that made me very happy. Orange crates had a wood divider in the middle which made the crate have two sections. Perfect! One side for this kind of stuff and the other side for that kind of stuff of my choosing. Silly? Not for a kid, well not for this kid anyway.

Why am I telling you this? Because something in my mind was triggered the other day when I came down the stairs in the morning. Ruthie just was getting out of bed and in the process of beautifying herself before coming down to make breakfast and I, as usual, drifted over to my board, sat down and flipped on the switch. As I lifted the silver cover on my KN sitting in front of the eastern livingroom window, the sun sent a beautiful reflective ray of sparkle across the room. I opened the lid to itís fullest and what did I see? My treasure chest. Divided in the center by a beautiful color window. A window that showed me the treasure that was in the left side of my box and the wonderful stuff in the other side. Wonderful rhythms on the left and heavenly sounds on the right. Sure is strange how the mind triggers these kinds of associations after many years. Musing over this, made me realize how much fun this box is for me at this time of my life. The last few days when I lift this beautiful lid I am thankful for what I have. When I make my selections and press my fingers on the buttons of my choice I do it with more determination and finesse. I marvel how the sounds blend with the rhythm making my body move in almost uncontrollable undulations. A beautiful way to vent my emotions through my fingers to the delight of my ears. I certainly donít deserve it but am very grateful for it. I truly have the best. Ruthie, the best in love and my KN, the best in sound. And thatís the way I see it.

Grandpa Doug with a toy box for an old man!
Grampa Doug