Almost could kiss you guys. Not only that, but If I did not already have a valentine I would give you some consideration. Just kidding but I do want to thank you both for delivering me from the depths of frustration. My communications with my friends on this forum had become burdensome. Had to paste my little yellow sticky on my shiny translucent Mac. Oh what a work of art that Mac is. The same color scheme as my beautiful new KN. Iím at a complete loss to choose between the two. I love both so much. What a pair! When they are tied together with their umbilical USB cord what harmony. The flow of pure bliss between each other is music to my ears. My little yellow sticky note adorning the silver with yellow. On the yellow is scribbled my name and password in red. Why? Red was the only color pen I had at the time and because I lost my cookies! At least that is what Bebop said I did. How did I lose my cookies? I could always see and smell them when my kids lost theirs. Bebop suggested I might not have lost them but maybe I corrupted them. How? I never seen them. As my mind wondered thinking about corruption, some how the Clinton age popped to mind. Also our former governor in Illinois. Shaking off any temptation to muse over the past and pursue the subject, I asked for a solution to my dilemma. Dilemma? Right! Every time I would post a message or reply, I would have to enter my name and password. What a crazy password I was stuck with. No rhyme or reason to it. Some letters capitalized and some not. Beyond the capacity of my memory. Thus the little yellow sticky note. Anyhow Bebop and Nigel got their heads together and came up with a fix for old Grandpa. Following their road map to success I am now back to a state of bliss. Ruthie and me together ceremoniously removed the little yellow sticky note and sent it to the resting place of my bad little cookies. This is the reason I want to publicly thank Nigel and Bebop for their concern and help for Ruthieís little wrinkled man and companion for over fifty two years. Ruthie would like to thank you also, for my disposition has markedly improved.

Thanks again, Grandpa Doug
Grampa Doug