I've had a chance to try the new Techmanager 7001 which will be available in due course, final tweaking is being done now.

This software will transform your SD card into a look-alike version of the SX6 hard drive for people who liked the facilities that this offered.

There will be 240 directories on the card, each with 16 files. TLX lyrics will be available in various font sizes, with all the tools familiar from the SX6.

A new Data Base Converter will restore your SX6 backups complete with new 26 character file names on the SD, and a comprehensive alpha search, load by number, and custom load scripts expands considerably on the existing favorites functions.

There is plenty of space for new help workshops to be stored and displayed in the screen, and the potential for other plug ins and software upgrades in the future.

A minimum 128 card will be needed, 256 might be a good idea for audio too if you have a large archive of files.