Peter, I don't have this particular set, but having spent countless dollars for everything they made for the kn1500, I can verify the fact that these disks were of the highest quality. Also, most came with little bonuses, like solo instrumentals and extra variations. If you are looking for something to load and play by itself, you won't be dismayed, but if you are looking for just another Christmas flavored style to use for your personal enjoyment, try the internet for free styles. Gunnar Jonny has many to pick from, and most ballads can be adapted to Christmas music with a little extra work. Personally, I enjoyed the Technics style disks, but I just found it a little hard to come up with $35 for 5 styles/songs. Now it seems you get more for your money, so thats a positive thing. Three bucks a song isn't out of line. Gunnar Jonny's website can be found at

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