At first I was confused because I could not understand why it was that I could not find the menu with these instructions so I sent Alec Pagida an email asking him if he had any idea. He kindly replied and told me that the KN2600 had a more up to date version of the Song Manager programme that was designed to copy from floppy to sd card because the KN2600 does not have a floppy disk drive unlike the KN7000. I also asked him how I could get this new version and he gave some instructions it is just a simple matter of overwriting a couple of files and told me how to upgrade it and get a new help file which has the copy from floppy described in the help file also he told me how to revert back to the old Song Manager if you want to do it.
Khai-Wei kindly sent me the files and it worked fine just as Alec had explained. If anybody would like to upgrade the Song Manager that came with their KN7000 just leave your e-mail address and I will send it on along with the instructions that Alec supplied me with.
Incidentally Alec said that copying from sd to floppy through song manager like this was a waste of time if you had a card reader, you don't need song manager at all for that. He said you only need song manager to fill a sd card from floppies or pc backup.